It is quite tough to run a business like online casino. There was a kind of security and comfort in a land based casino as it was quite obvious that people living around its location will definitely be the frequent visitors of your casino. They had no other choice as either they were prohibited from going to another casino or they lived too far from other casinos.

And contrary to the land based casinos, people have lots and lots of options in online casinos to play with the virtual die or few deals of blackjack. The basic difference between online casino and land based casino is that all online casinos are just a click away for all the players. People have various options and in case they want to switch from one casino to another, they can do it with just few clicks as many times as they want.

Keep the businesses going

The online casino's operators often face troubles as to how to make their players keep visiting their website again and again. And the only solution adopted by most of the good running casinos is to offer weekly bonuses regularly. It really makes sense for this industry to have regular players as the biggest asset of their online casino. Hence, it's quite sensible to reward such players for their extended clientele.

It is quite worthier for a player to frequently visit the casino where he or she enjoys playing and the one which treats you decently.

The reason is obviously that the weekly bonuses offered by casinos are not for all the players, but it's just for few of those treasured and selected players who have maintained an uninterrupted clientele and possess a solid record of maximum contribution in the establishment of the casino.

Thus, this is the foremost reason why when any new player attempts to go for online casino on a trial basis, it is quite significant for him or her to look for the weekly bonuses offered by the casino or the rewards that they will receive for just signing up. It is wiser to opt for a considerable amount of signup bonus when you know it well that you are not going to be cared later on.