Roulette, which is considered the game of opportunities, has been there since the beginning of the 17th century as per the gaming historians. In French, Roulette is called as 'little wheel'. It was made by Blaise Pascal, a famous mathematician and scientist. During the19th century, this game became quite popular in both US and Europe. There was a rumor during the19th century that this game was introduced by a Frenchmen in US and he brought it initially to the New Orleans.

The 3 casino games, baccarat and craps are known to be the best due to lower advantage bets for casino possessed by them. However, Roulette being a game of opportunities has been made glamorous and attractive all throughout. To win this game, all you need to do is to judge the landing position of the tiny white ball. The layout of this game has 3 rows consisting of 36 numbers in aggregate.

The numbers on the wheel are printed equally with red color and black color. The main aim of this game is to just put a bet on the number you think the spinning ball will land. The roulette wheel will be spun by the dealer and the little ball is set to motion by the player in opposite direction. Finally, the ball stops on a particular number after the wheel & the little ball slows down to stop. And if the number matches with the number you had put your bet, then you are the winner.


Casinos being confirmed about their advantage in every situation looked out for improving their odds by appending a single zero to the set of 36 numbers. Due to this, the probability of their odds reduced to 1/37 instead of 1/36. Later, to make it more beneficial for their casinos, they added double zero (00). Both single & double zero can be seen on the Roulette layout at most of the American casinos making 38 spots on the wheel. These zeroes are colored with green. Now, the objective of the player is mainly to guess the number that will be hit. They can bet on just a single number or a row or combination of numbers, numbers colored black or red, or odd or even numbers.

I have observed people stopping by the roulette table while going to their rooms and betting on a number with a $5 chip and winning the game. Just by betting on a black or red number and even or odd number, people have won hundreds of bucks. People have various different options of bets, which they can make on any roulette table. Its layout is also quite simple. There is a great variation in the people's choice, as few of them prefer covering maximum possible numbers whereas others are fond of single number.

Roulette can be learnt quite easily and hence, it is listed amongst most popular games of casino. The other advantage about this game is its high availability as compared to baccarat and craps. A frequent visitor of any casino would have definitely observed the huge number of roulette tables that are there. When compared to craps or baccarat, roulette has got lesser action than a game of craps and greater activity than a game of baccarat.

Roulette is meant for those people who seek a mixture of both drama and betting activity in their game. The only advice for all the capable players is to do a study about this game by more and more reading, by your observation and then ultimately by playing it yourself. Good luck to all.