It commonly known, that Las Vegas attracts not only millions tourists and gamblers from all over the world, but a lot of easy money hunters - robbers. You should be very attentive while playing in casinos your favorite games. Las Vegas casino security staff recommends gamblers to:

  • watch carefully their belongings and don't leave them on the next seats or floor;
  • lock all their money and jewelry in the safe in the hotel number;
  • hide all your valuable things.

Casino Security Measures and Recommendations

  1. Try not to strike up an acquaintance with strangers, otherwise you can wake up in the morning with a strong headache and without all your stuff and money. It interesting to know that the 97% of "tricks roll" cases are not reported to the police.
  2. Be extremely attentive while playing slots. Thieves are usually waiting for you to win and then grab all your winning money and run.
  3. Don't leave your credit cards or purses on the playing table, when you are leaving to take some drinks.
  4. Remember that there is nothing free of charge in the world and be careful with such offers.
  5. For better security Las Vegas and other casinos make a list of banned players, who are not allowed to play there for cheating or tricking.
  6. Be aware of the surroundings.
  7. Leave the casino if you win! Don't wait until you lose all yours and your family money.

Casino Security New Trends

To provide the gamblers and casinos with better security level the video cameras are set up to watch the players' and dealers' actions in the card and table games. The security team watches all this in the special surveillance rooms. They can detect the cheaters, card counters, won and lost money amounts.

One of the modern security measures is a real-time face recognition program (for example, Biometrica). The camera defines the suspicious people and compares them with those from the banned list.