To become really skillful casino players you should spend days and weeks of practice. To win more money it is recommended to play in the online casino, as they offer more opportunities.

Professional Gamblers' Features

  • The perfect knowledge of the game rules and peculiarities.
  • He/she concentrates mostly on betting opportunities.
  • Gamblers should have good discipline in making wagers. They should consider the casino games to be the real business, only in this case they can achieve the real success. Always keep the game strategy and winning tips.
  • The professional player should possess the skill of adequate bankroll management: he/she never goes over the line placing the wagers.
  • The ability and mastery to increase gambling opportunities by using proper promotions and incentives.

Useful Recommendations for the Novice Players

  1. Choose the most suitable casino for you.
  2. Record the deposits you made in a game.
  3. Place your wagers at appropriate time.
  4. Control you bankroll.
  5. Remember that the perfection comes with practice.
  6. Practice your math skills.

The Most Famous Casino Gamblers

  • Edward Thorp. He is considered to be the card counting father. He invented many original playing systems. He was the math professor having no relation to the gambling. His friend made him interested in blackjack game, inviting him to the Las Vegas. Since that time Thorp began systematic study of the game. With the help of computer he proved that small cards are better for the dealer, and large cards are more profitable for the gambler. According to this strategy the player can gain 1-5% advantage over the casino. He spend a lot of time playing in the casinos, using his card counting system and won a lot of money.

    In his famous book "Beat the Dealer" (1962) he describes his system in details and proves its effectiveness. He is one of the first blackjack players invited to the game Hall of Fame.

  • Richard Marcus is one of the best world casino cheaters, being the casino croupier at first. He examined the blackjack and baccarat games at first as a dealer, and later began playing. He put the $5oo-value chip under his small wager. If he won, he was very excited and happy. In the opposite outcome he moved back unnoticeable high-value chip and the dealer didn't notice anything. He was caught at last, but before this he won about 5 million dollars in world casinos.
  • MIT Blackjack Team started its activities as student's circle and became famous all over the world. They were organized to practice blackjack card counting system and to beat the casino. To become the member of the club one should pass special tests to define his/her skills and abilities. During few years the Team managed to win about 5 million dollars.
  • Louis Colavecchio ("The Coin") is famous for his slot coins machinations. He bought special equipment to create coins and used them in slot machines in casinos. According to different sources of information he stole from 1 to 5 hundred thousand dollars.