Thinking about their favorite land casino most gamblers often recall the dealers they were playing with. At the first sight, the dealer's job is simple and not demanding. He/she just stands and deals the cards or spins the wheel. But this is really depressing and hard work, requiring many professional skills.

Casino Dealer Requirements

  • The minimum age of the casino dealer is 21 years.
  • Before hiring the croupier the casinos hold special tests and interviews to check the applicant's skills.
  • The applicant shouldn't be drug addicted and the people with large criminal debts are not allowed to work as casino dealers.
  • After hiring the banker should get the license.
  • The dealer should possess the helpful attitude, positive personality, good communicative skills and efficiency.
  • To be really successful dealer one should know the game rules and strategy perfectly, be extremely attentive and have good calculating skills.
  • The job requires from the dealer long standing hours, as you will never meet the dealer that sits at the playing table. The ideal working schedule for the dealer is an hour of work and 20-minutes rest. And this procedure continues to the shift end (usually it lasts 8 hours).

Choosing the croupier is extremely important for the casino, as their image depends on him/her.

How to Choose Dealers School

Most of the casinos are looking for the qualified dealers with the proper certificates, as the teaching the dealer's mastery takes a lot of time. The average cost for one game learning course is about $800, depending on the school. Remember that it can take years to find the job of the casino dealer, because it is not so called-for profession, as it may seem. And the salary is not very high: the main income of the dealer is from the gamblers' tips.

Before choosing the dealers school, it is recommended:

  1. To visit the school personally and find out the interested information in the school representative. Make sure that this establishment provides its students with good equipment and comfortable studying conditions. Check their licenses or certificates.
  2. Check the credentials of the instructors and make sure that there is more than one instructor in the school.
  3. Find out the school tests and graduation requirements. It is recommended to choose the school, which allows its graduates to come back in some time to refresh their knowledge.