General tips and relevant advices for playing blackjack are listed below. And the information provided below is free for all and is meant for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Blackjack Tips

  • You must realize that the game of blackjack is basically skill-based.
  • You must understand that if one plays correctly, then either offline or online, the blackjack bet is the best in any casino.
  • You should be clear about the objective of this game, which is without getting over one should NOT get closer to 21.
  • The primary objective of blackjack, which leads to all other basic strategies, is to outfox the dealer.
  • You must study the basic strategies and master it to implement them perfectly for getting a house edge of 0.5%.
  • If you are not applying the basic strategies, you will raise house advantage by 2 to 3 percent, which creates a vast difference when counted appropriately in dollars/hour.
  • You should not go for insurance except the case when you are counting cards.
  • With an assumption that there are equivalent conditions for playing, it can be concluded that it's better to have lesser decks.
  • If you are paid with a variation of 6 to 5, then you need to stay away from such games involving single deck. In such variation, house advantage gets quite dreadful.
  • You must have a habit of counting cards to maintain the proportion of low cards and high cards in your deck. The probability of hitting a blackjack is high when you have more tens in your deck. Hence, you should accordingly raise your bets.
  • Habit of counting cards and implementing basic strategies perfectly can get you in vantage across casino.
  • By counting cards you should not expect to be the winner every time.

The above mentioned tips and advice on blackjack are just the commencement of the blackjack wisdom and not an end. It's just a good start. Read it all over again from the beginning and make a note of the important points. Once you are done and you are confident about all the mentioned points, then you are ready to play blackjack to win money by counting cards.